Founder forever, CTO no longer

Today I’m officially announcing the end of my tenure as CTO of Engine Yard, Inc. I’m delighted to retain my responsibility on Engine Yard’s Board of Directors. Engine Yard is in good hands: stronger than ever, growing quickly, and manned by extraordinarily hard-working, talented, and bright individuals who understand that the customer is always in charge. […]

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The iPad isn’t a nail gun

I’ve been thinking about the iPad a lot lately. If you’re trying to build a successful technology company, ignoring Apple is, perhaps, the most ridiculous way to get blind sided. I admit it, I was waiting for a flying car. Watching a live transcript, the lack of a camera was very disappointing. So much so […]

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Tom Mornini started Engine Yard in 2006 with co-founders Lance WalleyEzra Zygmuntowicz and Jayson Vantuyl to provide the infrastructure and support necessary to fuel development of Ruby on Rails applications.